Borehole Drilling

About Global Drilling Africa

Borehole Drilling – It is the process of drilling a hole into the ground to extract oil, natural gas, or water.

The borehole drilling machine or rig is the device that drills the borehole that will be used to install the casing. It has several features to ensure an accurate and successful operation.

Global Drilling provides drilling services for oil & gas exploration, coalbed methane and geothermal projects. Our expertise includes a wide variety of techniques including conventional borehole drilling, borehole rehabilitation, Odex drilling, exploration drilling, reverse circulation drilling, de-watering drilling, mud rotary drilling and mine dump sampling. We are currently servicing clients all over South Africa and can provide expert advice on the most cost-effective ways to drill and complete a borehole.

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Vision, Aims & Objectives

GLOBAL DRILLING AFRICA (PTY) LTD Strives to be the best and unique in every aspect that concerns drilling. Building and promoting our principal business activities.  Pursuing growth opportunities in new businesses consistent with our skills.  Seeking high quality standards.  Managing all operations consistent with Africa’s best practice.  Pursue low cost while optimising asset values.  Maintaining prudent financial and risk management.

Teamwork, Leadership, Safety & Well-Being of our People

Be the preferred employer of those who most effectively add value. Promote leadership and create a high performance environment. Achieve the top safety performance in our industry.

Values and Code of Conduct

The Safety, health and well-being of all people affected by our activities.  Ethical behaviour and complains with our code of conduct.  GLOBAL DRILLING AFRICA (PTY) LTD cares about how we get results.  Our code applies to members, employees and contractors of GLOBAL DRILLING AFRICA (PTY) LTD.  It is built on a set of shares values and is intended to aid, not hinder, corporate activity.  We believe these values accord with those of the communities in which we operate.